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Everyone is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. Peter shows you how.

Peter believes that every person, every organisation, is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things – achieving way more than they may even think is possible. The key is to connect to who we truly are – at a human level.

As a speaker, teacher and navigator, Peter helps leaders and organisations create cultures and inspired teams where clear outcomes, determination, creativity and breakthrough are the norm. Places where challenges are turned into courageous opportunities, and people choose to step-up and lead at every level.


This is what I do

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Interactive Keynotes

Peter’s keynotes have the ability to touch and inspire large groups of people in very short timescales.

His talks can be a traditional keynote of 45-60 minutes, or delivered interactively during a morning or afternoon where Peter gets the audience involved in exploring the ideas he shares and how each can apply to them.

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Management is about handling complexity; Leadership is about creating simplicity – and it starts with being clear on what’s important to us as an organisation at a human level. When we become clear on this it enables us to shape our purpose and have it become the source of courage to overcome every challenge we face. Designed for any organisation, whatever its size or stage of growth, Peter’s talks work as well in small company meetings as they do at large corporate or public events of several thousand people. Peter’s talks can inspire & create new thinking through the following topics:

  • Leading from the Jumpseat: How to Create Extraordinary Opportunities by Handing Over Control.
  • Leading Through Uncertainty: The Power of Not Knowing the Answer.
  • A Force for Good: How a Focus on Safety & Well-Being Accelerates Business Performance.

If you would like to learn more about how these customised workshops can empower your business, send a note via our contact form and we can hop on a call.

keynotes keynotes

Exploratory Workshops

Peter Docker’s focused, high impact & interactive workshops are designed to engage people in a powerful way, evoke different thinking and transfer new skills.

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Drawing on his experience of working with leadership teams around the world, Peter’s workshops & events turn theory into action and set people along the path of creating Commitment-Led cultures and inspired teams. Peter’s workshops & events are designed to enhance Leadership skills, create the energy required for a cultural shift and enable organisations to implement the ideas covered in his keynote talks. Custom designed and co-created, Peter’s workshops & events teach how to lead based on a commitment that is linked to who we are at our core.

If you would like to learn more about how these workshops can be customised for you and your business, send a note via our contact form and we can hop on a call.

Find Your Why: A practical guide for discovering purpose for you and your team

Find Your Why: A practical guide for discovering purpose for you and your team

In 2017, Peter together with David Mead, teamed with Simon Sinek to write a book based on Simon’s concept of WHY. Find Your Why has sold well over 420,000 copies and is published in 26 languages worldwide.

If you want to learn how to discover your own WHY, help someone else discover theirs, or uncover the WHY for your team or organisation, this book will show you how to do it. This step-by-step guide brings together over 20 years’ experience of helping individuals & organisations discover their WHY.

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Peter, an infinite thank you to you for today’s leadership forum. I attended with one of my best friends who is also a peer. We were moved, inspired and made a commitment to share our learnings with those in our care. While I work as an Organisational Psychologist, I volunteer teaching primary school kids about ethics, compassion and leadership. I can’t wait to share your wisdom with the next generation.

On a personal note, your aviation storytelling pulled at my heart strings a lot. My Dad worked as a pilot for Qantas, and passed suddenly 5 years ago. He also inspired me with his own stories of what it meant to be a true leader and how we build resilience within ourselves. Thank you for all the work that you do, and I wish you all the very best for your next adventure. I hope our paths cross someday.

Katherine, The Growth Faculty Tour (Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland)

As a mentor, Peter is inspiring and extremely talented; helping people find their purpose and strength to achieve unexpected outcomes.

As a person he is generous, empathetic and kind, he makes the people around him feel they can do just about anything. A rare individual and leader.

Marian Stefani, CEO, Independent Print Industries Association

Peter has mentored a small group of us who have a huge task and a big challenge, to deliver change within our industry. The group came together with a clear goal but without Peter we would never have been able to make that a reality in the way we have. He helped us manage competitive differences, decide our common cause, focus on deliverable projects and throughout has patiently given us his wisdom and support.

Marian Stefani, CEO, Independent Print Industries Association

From the moment he took to the stage he had the audience completely focused on his presentation. I watched the room carefully (as the organiser you are always looking for audience reaction); no one looked at their phone, no one left for a comfort break and no one looked disinterested. His commitment to the topic and to them was evident and he was an amazing speaker for us.

But Peter is so much more than just a keynote presenter.

Marian Stefani, CEO, Independent Print Industries Association

I don’t normally have much time for business consultants and leadership gurus. I have seen too many “preach and leave” characters who have the spin but no substance; telling us what we already know and rarely understanding the true businesses and commercial challenges.

Peter Docker is a rare exception.

Marian Stefani, CEO, Independent Print Industries Association

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  • ‘Find Your Why’ book launch, with Simon Sinek & David Mead

    On 7th September 2017, our book Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your team, co-authored by Simon Sinek, David Mead and Peter Docker, was launched at a live event in New York.

    Copies (including the audio version) are currently available at your favourite book retailers.

    Since launch, Find Your Why has sold well over 420,000 copies and is published in 26 languages worldwide.

    7 September 2017

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Join Peter in his digital world…

When he’s not on his travels and sharing stories & ideas with new people, Peter sends his reflections out into the ether to inspire.

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"I’m proud to be a part of these tribes"

When you enable people to be extraordinary, it turns out that they enable you to be extraordinary too.

Here are some of the people who help me to help others – from industry groups, to consultancies, to individuals. What they have in common is that they are connected to their passion and have learned to bring that to life.

Why Not Partnering

Starting with Why has inspired others to bring their brilliance into the world. WhyNot Partnering is a small group of highly experienced and committed individuals who chose to leave their corporate world to better serve others. They work with clients to create Why-Based Organisations where trust, care, safety and high engagement are the norm – and high performance is the outcome.

Propel Inc

Propel exists to do exactly that – propel people to do better and be better. The way we do that is to partner with thought leaders and inspiring organizations who share our values and beliefs and who need help spreading their message to the world. Using speaking, facilitating workshops, training, podcasting and other platforms, we extend the reach of those messages so even more people can be inspired to do better and be better.

Epic Heroes

Everything is Possible; Integrated Communications(EPIC) is an initiative of the IPIA. The EPIC Heroes is a group of committed individuals from across the industry who share a common purpose: “To shift the context so that we build on our heritage to shape of future.” They work together to create a world in which we can all embrace authentic communication that allows us to stay connected to what it is to be truly human.
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