Overcoming Feeling Awkward

Peter Docker|13/08/2020

A little over two weeks ago, it was announced that I am a finalist in this year’s British Ex-Forces in Business Awards. All finalists were encouraged to share this news over their social networks. To be honest, I’ve really struggled with this request. It just felt, well, a bit awkward to shine a light on myself – particularly since the category in which I’m nominated is ‘Inspiration of the Year’. That’s a heavy title.

On reflection, what I’ve come to realise is that I need to get over the awkwardness I feel. The reason I agreed to be involved in the first place is that, as nominees, we have an opportunity to encourage others and lift them up by highlighting what former military people can achieve in second careers.

The greatest thing that can get in our way when facing something different is often ourselves. When we overcome the fear that can so frequently hold us back and approach fresh opportunities with humble confidence, we can accomplish way more than we ever thought possible.

For people leaving the military, their leadership and management skills and ‘can-do’ attitude can readily transfer into business. All that’s changed is the context in which those skills are applied.

So, here’s to the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards and the platform they have created. To all my fellow nominees, I hope that our stories will inspire many former military folks who have doubts about their transition to civilian life. When we feel inspired, it means we see possibility. All we have to do is go grab it.


Peter Docker


Peter Docker

Speaker, Teacher, Navigator

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