Leadership is a choice you make to serve others

Peter Docker|20/02/2017

030 – Leadership is a Choice You Make to Serve Others, with Peter Docker

Key Takeaways:

  • 2:09 Peter Docker’s Career Path
    • 3:20 How Peter connected with Simon Sinek and the Start With Why team
      “A lot of the really wonderful things that happen are when you step back and create a space into which others can step and you just allow things to happen”
    • 4:57 Human Leadership – The power of sharing a meal…
      “Keep it human, and sharing some time over a meal is one good easy way of doing that”
  • 5:37 Peter Docker on Simon Sinek’s Millennial Video (See Links Below)
  • 7:29 Who was Peter Docker’s Best Manager?
    • James “Jim” Dutton (Royal Marines Officer)
    • “He always had time to listen and he listened to his people, me being one of them, and that’s very import because you really valued that he valued your opinion and your input”
  • 10:59 Some takeaways
    • Shoulder to Shoulder Leadership… your employee or your partner?
    • The difference between managing and leading. Management is about doing while leadership is about being (how a someone occurs to us)
    • Listening Skills, Authenticity & Trust and how these things impact relationships
      14:23 Peter Docker on Listening Skills
      “Being vulnerable is not about showing weakness… Being vulnerable is just letting people into how you feel”
    • Action Item: Become a better leader by simply closing your laptop when an employee comes into your office to talk to you
  • 18:34 The biggest leadership challenge that Peter Docker has faced
    • Peter shares an experience from his time in the military. He talks about stepping outside of your comfort zone and how he often didn’t know what to do. He also shares about a life or death leadership situation where he led 200 people into a war zone. There was a massive weight of responsibility and while he knew how to do the job, he didn’t really know how to lead in this unknown situation. Peter talks about the pressure to perform in new and uncomfortable situations.
    • The solution: He held the space for the people around him to work out the challenges. He focused all of his energy on taking care of his people.
    • 24:16 – Pay attention to key transitions in your career. How to shift focus from you and your results to your people and their results… then shifting your focus from management and real leadership.
    • “Leadership is a choice you make to serve others”
  • 28:10 Peter Docker’s Book Recommendations
  • 29:47 What’s Exciting Peter Today?
    • Speaking – Simon Sinek and Peter Docker Live in Australia and New Zealand (“Start With Why” Leadership Forum)


Peter Docker

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